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A big well done to all those who have achieved excellent results this term.

Isaac Woherem year 11 achieved 6B in his English Literature test, and 4B in his English Language test, in addition to a merit in speaking.
Kashuf Akbar year 4 achieved 100% in her grammar test.
Muhammad Jaami
year 4 was the Star of the Week, having achieved the award for the second smartest person, with the most correct timetables.
Muhammad Anas year 8 achieved top marks in his chemistry test at school.
Leticia Saleh
got 94% in her physics test, and 80% in her chemistry test.
Shafia Zafar
year 6 achieved 100/110 in her Maths 2016 KS2 SATS Specimen papers
Saad Azhar
year 5 got 30/40 in his year 5 maths paper
Laiba Mahmood year 5 achieved 100/110 and has met year 5 standards
Muneeb Rehman year 5 mastered his test, and got 22/24, as well as being selected for a borough level competition in maths (only 3 were chosen out of the entire school )
Illya Duthchuk
year 3 scored 40/40 in his English test
year 3 achieved 39/40, 35/35 and 31/35 in her maths tests . First to finish her Maths test at school and achieved 100% Yuna year 3 achieved 40/40 and 50/50 in her practice tests
Danial Ahmed
year 10 achieved a 5 in Literature and a 4 in Language
Harris Tahir
year 11 went from a grade 4 to a grade 6 in English
Wajeeha Iqbal
year 11 achieved a grade 8 in her mock exams
Hashir Khawja
year 8 moved up a set at school in maths from set 3 to set 2
Fauzan Ahmad
year 5 achieved 20/20 in his maths arithmetic test twice.
Hashim Farooq
year 7 achieved 17/21 in his maths test at school.
Khoula Saeed
year 10 achieved a grade 9 in English literature and language, and a grade 7 in her poetry exam
Zeeshan Ahmed
year 6 achieved 36/49 in his SATs SPAG test
Wajahat Iqbal
year 8 achieved 55/60 in his maths test at school
year 9 achieved grade 7 in school biology test, and came 3rd in the class. He also achieved a level 7 in his school physics test and came 1st in the class. Additionally, in March he also achieved a grade 8 in his biology test.
Armaan Malik
year 9 went from a 3B to a 5C in 3 tests
Zara Corner
achieved 100% in her comprehension

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