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January 2016

Year 7 Sabahat Basharat second in class for English - above target for English, on target for Maths; Year 5 Hashim Farooq achieved 21/28 on Maths test at school; Amir Cherifi achieved third highest mark in his year for Science mocks; Year 9 Ollie Wilkinson went from a Level 4B to a Level 6C; Danish Bajwa achieved an A/A/A* in school mocks in maths.

February 2016

Year 9 Ousman Njie moved up from grade -4 to 5 in English; Danish Bajwa achieved an A grade in Maths in Year 11 mock results; Usama Ahmed achieved a B in Maths Statistics mock - 3 marks off an A; Huma Sindhu achieved a grade A for Statistics mock; Year 7 Reeja Ahmad achieved a Level 6 for English Gothic Horror (moved up from a 4c) and achieved a Level 5A in Maths (moved up from a 4c); Year 5 Hashim Farooq went from a Level 3 to a Level 4B at school; Year 6 Mahnoor achieved a Level 5A in school mock SATs.

March 2016

Arbab Ahmed achieved an A* in Chemistry GCSE; Year 11 Danish achieved an A* in GCSE non-calculator Maths paper and an A in the GCSE calculator paper; Year 4 Raza Mirza used creative vocabulary in English, and is more confident in Maths.

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