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Hashim Farooq Year 6 Band A Wandsworth Test . Level 5 in English. Talha Sheikh Year 5 Only student in his class who was able to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. Fractions taught in tuition.

Sabahat Bisharat Year 8 Maths Second in class for end of term maths test in school :Muneeb ur Rehman Year 4 Gone up a level in guided reading to Level 3 : Came first in Presentation Text in English : Three maths tests in class 99/110. Top in class: Star of term at school : Mathematics SUM. COM Wandsworth 4th position in the whole of wandsworth 7.5 questions seconds per Question , Completed 1,000 questions only 47 mistakes Zoya Ahmed 37/40 and 36/40 in Maths test at school : Faizan Ahmed Year 3 maths test 32/35: Fauzan Ahmad Year 4 Beyond level 4 25/34 MM3 test: MM4 maths test 36/39 Beyond level 4 : Sabahat Basharat Year 8 TOP OF CLASS IN ENGLISH Highest mark in test at school: Talha Sheikh Year 5 Achieved 73% on end of year exam at school gone up from 56% in previous exam: Nivarsha Raja Year 2 Maths test A1

And A3 Above Level 3 : Muneeb ur Rehman Year 4 Maths tests Paper I 44/45,Paper 2 Reasoning 40/45, Paper 3 43/45 :Jenna Treweek Year 10 Maths achieved Level 7 Upperclass Grade A in mocks at school: Sabahat Basharat Year 8 Maths Achieved 72% in end of year exam 3rd highest score in class Highest was 74% : Adnan Bhatti English achieves 86% in exam at school, Top of the class: Muneeb ur RehmanYear 4 Maths SUM DOG competition in school ,1000 Questions 970 correct out of 300 participants he came second. English Reading test 40/45, Punctuation 44/45 and spelling 23/24 end of year tests at school : Sulieman Khan Year 10 English achieved B(Grade 5) in test at school, Further than predicted: Hashim Farooq year 6 KS2 SATS. Maths 107/120, Reading 103/120, Grammar and Punctuation 106/120.

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