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Current Pupils

Year 7 Deneka Francis Mathematics up from 5B to 6B, English 5C to 6B; Year 4 Rebecca Jenkinson Moved up from 3C to 3B in English; Year 3 Evie Burnett English 3B, Reading 4C, Mathematics 3A; Year 6 Sophie Burnett Grammar 5C, Reading 5C, Writing 4A, Mathematics 5C; Year 9 Hamda Nur English 6C to 6A, Mathematics 6C to 7B; Year 6 Numaan Aftab Literacy moved up from Level 4 to 5, Mathematics moved up from 5C to 5A; Year 6 Zina Rashid KS2 Sats English Level 5, Mathematics 4A ; Year 4 Zina Rashid Mathematics 3A, Reading 4B; Year 6 Khoula Saeed KS2 Sats Mathematics, English, Science ALL LEVEL 5; Year 9 Abdul Alla Manaan Speaking Assessment in school Level 6B ( Highest in class ); Year 6 Sulieman Khan Mathematics 78% Level 6 moved up from 5C; Year 7 Anna Papiro Mathematics Moved up from 4C to 5C in test at school.

Emilio Papiro ( Yr 2) KS1 Sats English Exam Level 2 ,29/30. English Exam Level 3, 23/25.Sophie Burnett (Yr6), Maths test at school 35/38. Aleem Alvi (Yr9),Came from Germany 6monthsMuchAdo About Nothing Media 5A. Rebecca Jenkinson (Yr4), Moved up level in English 3C to 3BLaren Birant (Yr3), Level 3A in Reading, 3C in story writing. Ferozah Mahmood (Yr9), Moved up sublevel since last test 7C to 7B. Sulieman Khan (Yr7), Maths moved up from 5C to 6. Nora Matseke (Yr9), End of year exams 6B in Writing, 7B in Reading.

Ex Pupils

Hubert Swider (Yr7), came in 2013 for Ks2 Sats. Now top set in Maths and English. Rorie Rigley Came in for EnglishandMaths. Now doing A level History, Government and Politicts. " Thank You for believing in me. Coming here showed me that education was essential to pursuing my dreams". Mehvani Jagodage . Came for 11+ and GCSE now a Barrister. Her sister Bethany now doing Degree in Cadiology, Tishani Now doing Occupational Therapy. Neel Dave came 10 years ago now going to Brunel University.

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