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October 2016

Danish Bajwa Year 11 achieved A,A,A* in school mathematics. Huma Sindhu achieved A for statistical mathematics, Sulieman Khan GCSE English and Angles test got highest in class, Sam Franks MM3 Maths above Level 4 , Michael Gage science achieved a B in GCSE science, Reeja Ahmed Year 7 investigation in mathematics 97 %, Elana Nelson Year 6 Level 5 almost 6 in Mathematics, Hashmi Farooq 21/28 Arithmatic test at school.

November 2016

Nazifa Haque year 10 Science achieved 27/29 test at school, highest in class,Sulieman Khan Year 10 achieved B English assessment at school, Hana Akbar Year 6 Glenthorne test achieved Band 4 , 5 is highest in Mathematics and English, Sam Franks passed 11+ exam, Evie Burnett Year 6 passed selective test ( 6 schools), Ousman Njie moved up from -4 to 5 in English, Raza Mirza Year 4 at school very creative vocabulary in English, Reeja Ahmad Year 7 English Gothic Horror moved up from 4C to level 6 in English and in Mathematics moved up from 4C to 5A, Hashmi Farooq moved up from level 3 to 4B in mathematics at school, Amir Cherifi Science achieved third highest in his school mocks, Ollie. Wilkinson Year 9 moved up from 4B to 6C in Mathematics, Usama Ahmad achieved B in Statistics mocks at school, Sabahat Bisharat Second in class for English above target and on target for Mathematics, Amtul Muqeet Year 6 Wandsworth test 77/100, 85 / 100.

December 2016

Hashmi Farooq 36/40 in maths test at school, Daniyal Alam Year 6 Level 5 27/30 on Focus test in English , Kaafiya Bhatti 'A' on English Literature Paper at school, Romana Kaleem top marks at Assessment at school in English ,Sofia Shanwari Year 9 English Grade C and Mathematics D, Elana Nelson Year 7 top set in Mathematics at Secondary school , Peixuan Song came from China in year 9 now Year 10 achieved A in mock exam Cambridge IGCSE, Wajeeha Iqbal Year 10 top of class in end of term mathematics test at school, Adnan Bhatti Writing Assessment in English top marks in class at school, Romana Kaleem achieved 6 C in English comprehension test at school, Oliver O'Grady Year 4 moved up reading group at school, Amtul Muqueet Level 4 in English test, Arbab Ahmad A * in Chemistry GCSE , Mahmood Year 6 achieved Level 5A in mock SATs English, Oliver O 'Grady Year 4 moved up two reading levels at school.

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