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October 2015

Year 6 Elana Nelson Star of the Week; Year 5 Sarah Baban Comprehension 3 Test A Level 4; Year 7 Reeja Ahmed Level 5 for Alice in Wonderland story; Year 7 Reeja Ahmed achieved 96/100 for BIDMAS test at school; Year 9 Haider Baig is at Level 7 for comparison 2 poems at school; Year 10 Huma Sindhu achieved an A in Further Maths Statistics practice paper; Year 10 Loubna is mathematician of the month at school; Year 11 Tuba Ahmed achieved an A* in school Maths test.

November 2015

Year 5 Sarah Babaan achieved a certificate for writing in school; Year 5 Maham Ahmad beyond Level 4 in Maths test; Year 7 Reeja Ahmad achieved 98% in a Maths test - top of the class at school; Year 6 Elana Nelson moved up a set in Maths.

December 2015

ear 9 Nazifa Hoque Speckled Band Literature Coursework 5.5 (new levels); Year 5 Daniyal Alam Focus comprehension 2 Progress Unit B 24/30 Level 4; Arsalan achieved a grade A in Maths mock exam; Year 5 Jahid Khan beautiful handwriting and work; Year 5 Mahum Ahmed achieved 23/25 in her Maths test - beyond Level 4.

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