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April 2014:

  • Sophie Burnett (Yr 6) scored 81/100 (level 5C) in 2012 SATS paper at school
  • Ruqayyah Razaaq (Yr 11) achieved a grade A in English Literature exam (Higher), moved from a grade D in AQA English Language and Literature to an A/B, achieved a grade B in Edexcel Maths
  • Elizabeth Hillier (Yr 8) moved from level 5B to 6C in English

May 2014:

  • Naumaan Aftab (Yr 6) achieved a level 5 in Maths and level 5C in Literacy at school
  • Emilio Papiro (Yr 2) scored 29/30 (level 2) and 23/25 (level 3) KS1 SATS
  • Sophie Burnett (Yr 6) scored 36/40 in Maths test, 20/20 in mental Maths and 35/38 in another
  • Mahnoor Chaudhry (Yr 4) scored 20/25 in Maths test (Beyond L4)
  • Jasmine Ochogo (Yr 6) scored 97% in KS2 SATS test at school
  • Evie Burnett (Yr 3) scored 100% in English test at school
  • Mina Rashid (Yr 6) achieved a level 5+ in KS2 SATS Maths and English
  • Dan Hiller (Yr 6) moved from level 4A to 5C in Maths
  • Emilio Papiro (Yr 2) KS 1 Sats English Level 3

June 2014:

  • Abrar Ahmad (Yr 11) achieved an A* grade in Biology and Chemistry class tests and a grade A in Maths, Physics and Further Maths
  • Panashe Muengue (Yr 11) moved up from level 5C to an A in English controlled assessment, achieved a grade B in Maths in Yr 10 and an A/A* grade in Yr 11, achieved a grade A in science
  • Andrew Folley (Yr 11) moved from a grade E in Foundation Maths to grade C in Higher paper
  • Christopher Prior (Yr 12) moved from a grade C to grade B in Cambridge iGCSE English
  • Numaan Bhatti (Yr 11) moved from a grade C to grade B in AQA English and from a grade B to grade A in Edexcel Maths
  • Aleem Alvi (Yr 9) Much Ado About Nothing 6B, Media assessment 5A;
  • Usama Ahmed (Yr 8) Mathematics Level 5C moved up to top set in class.
  • Pakiza Cheema (Yr 11) said about her progress in Edexcel Maths

    ‘The progress I made in one month was fast and unbelievable. Thank you for all your help in Maths. I have never had such a good and inspirational teacher.’

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