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April/May 2016

Year 10 Peixuan Song achieved an A in iGCSE mock exam paper; Year 4 Oliver O'Grady moved up two levels in reading at school.

June/July 2016

Year 5 Hashim Farooq achieved 36/40 in a Maths test at school; Year 7 Romana Kaleem achieved a 6C in school for English comprehension.

Year 5 Amtul Muqueet achieved Level 4 in English test; Elana Nelson achieved 28/40 for her assessment (Level 5, almost Level 6); Year 7 Reeja Ahmed achieved 97% in Investigation in Maths at school; Michael Gage achieved a B in GCSE core Science (having been predicted a C); Year 5 Sam Franks achieved 34/34 in Maths - beyond Level 4; Year 9 Sulieman Khan achieved a C in GCSE English paper, highest in the class, also achieved a 6 in GCSE - predicted an A*; Kamran Bisharat 1st Year Medicine at St Georges University of London

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