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January 2014:

  • Zaynab Osman (Yr 10) achieved a grade B in a Higher Maths test at school
  • Dan Hiller (Yr 6) achieved a level 5C in Maths assessment
  • Tommy Sosanya (Yr 11) achieved an A* grade in Biology and Physics mocks at school
  • Sulieman Khan (Yr 7) achieved a 4A for Herseo essay
  • Lauren Birant (Yr 3) 20/24 in MM2 Maths test A3 (Beyond L3)
  • Ali Magaza (Yr 6) achieved level 4 in Reading test, level 5 in Grammar test
  • Matty Marret (Yr 9) was top of the class in recent Maths test

February 2014:

  • Maulood Ahmad (Yr 10) achieved an A* grade in Maths mock
  • Abdul Alaa Manaan (Yr 9) achieved 99% in end of topic test in Maths
  • Jasmine Ochogo (Yr 6) achieved 5B in English Reading SATS and 5C in SPAG
  • Denzil Francis (Yr 2) scored 20/24 (level 3) in CGP test in Reading
  • Emilio Papiro (Yr 2) achieved a level 2 in English test

March 2014:

  • Zina Rashid (Yr 4) Beyond L4 in Maths test
  • Saad Ahmad (Yr 10) achieved 2 grade C’s for Foundation mocks in Maths – moved up to Higher Paper
  • Amel Al Issa (Yr 5) achieved level 5C in ___
  • Abdul Alla (Yr 9) achieved level 6A in discursive essay
  • Matty Marett (Yr 9) moved from level 4A to 5B in English and from 5B to 7B in Maths

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