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September 2013:

  • Rosy Agca (Yr 5) moved up a group in Maths
  • Maulood Ahmad (Yr 10) scored 40/40 in Geometry and Angles test in school

October 2013:

  • Ferozah Mahmood (Yr 9) scored 40/44 in recent end of unit Maths test
  • Mehvish Khan (Yr 6) achieved 93% in GL/VR paper 8
  • Amel Alissa (Yr 5) scored 20/20 twice in mental Maths test at school, 10/10 3 times in spelling test, 98/100 in Verbal paper
  • Tyrone Norford (Yr 10) achieved a grade B in poetry assignment and a B in a ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ controlled assessment
  • Abdul Alaa Manaan (Yr 9) was one of the best in a speaking test in school
  • Matty Marret (Yr 8) achieved a level 7C in Maths test

November 2013:

  • Fuad Alam (Yr 10) achieved 33/40 for ‘Impossible’ and 35/40 for ‘Stand by me’ (Creative Writing)
  • Rosy Agca (Yr 5) scored 100% in a times tables test in school
  • Mussavir Alam (Yr 5) achieved the Head teacher’s award at school for recount in English
  • Ferozah Mahmood (Yr _) achieved a 7C in Maths test at school
  • Dani Aksentie (Yr 10) achieved a grade A in Macbeth controlled assessment (1 mark off A*)
  • Ali Magaza (Yr 6) achieved a 4A in Maths exam in school
  • Sophie Burnett (Yr 6) achieved 5C in Reading Comprehension and a 4C in Writing
  • Antoine Churet (Yr 11) achieved a grade B for an ‘Of Mice and Men’ essay

December 2013:

  • Michael Gage (Yr 9) scored 100% in Percentages test at school and an 8A in Maths test
  • Tyrone Norford (Yr 10) achieved grades A, B and B in Biology test in school
  • Abid Jaffri (Yr 10) achieved a grade A for ‘Of Mice and Men’ controlled assessment
  • Mahnoor Chaudhry (Yr 4) scored 22/30 in MM2 Maths test A2 (Beyond L3)

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