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Congratulations to the following pupils for excellent recent results:

May update:

Deneka Francis Year 6 English, KS2 SATS , achieved 50 out of 50 at school in her Punctuation and Grammar Test. Dhaniya Ahmad Year 9 Science, scored 15 out of 20 in a test at school. Tyrone Norford Year 9 English, got a Level 6A in a Romeo and Juliette Newspaper Assignment. Tahir Farooq Year 5 Verbal Reasoning, acheived 79 out of 80 in a test . Abdul Ala Year 8 English, moved up from 3B to 6B. In Mathematics got 100% in shapes and measurement test at school. Alice Keane Year 7 English, took a test at school and achieved a Level 6C. Sophie Burnett Year 4 Mathematics, scored 10 out of 10 in test at school. Abgina Sohail Year 11 English, got a level B in a mock exam (moved up from F). Jenna Trewick Year 6 Mathematics, KS2 SATS at school 49 out of 50, moved up from 4B to 5A. Uroosa Bajwa Year 8 Mathematics,  achieved level 6A end of term test. Olivia Reese Year 6 English, KS2 SATS 49 out of 50 Reading test. Rabia Ahmad Year 7 Science, achieved level 5b in test at school. Matty Marrett Year 7 Mathematics, achieved Level 6C in test at school. Panashe Muenye Year 10 Mathematics,  achieved Level 8C at school. In GCSE English achieved 34 out of 40 in Macbeth and 34 out of 40 in poetry assignment at school. Mehwish Khan Year 5, She was only one of two people who passed a test at school to get into the ‘Apostrophe Society.’ Michael Gage Year 8, was 5A at the start of year 8. He is now level 6B in Maths. And has now moved up to Set 1. Fuad Alam Year 9, has achieved level 6A in a writing test in school, even though he was ill, therefore could not complete it. Tahir Farooq Year 5, got level 4A in an English test at school.

June update:

Uroosa Bajwa Year 8, moved from 5A to 6A in English assessment. Basema Bajwa Year 10, got A/B  for Spoken English assignment. Hashim Radha Year 9,  gave Higher GCSE  Mathematics (Edexcel Linear) and he achieved an A, seven marks off A*. Mehwish Khan Year 5, moved up from a level 3B to 5C in Mathematics and from a level 4C to 5C in English.

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