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We are sorry to see our Year 11’s and others go. We wish them lots of luck for the future and ask them to come back and see us when they are rich and successful!

Congratulations to:

Abgina Sohail (Year 11) - She has studied English, Maths and Science and gone up from mock exam results D and E to B in all three subjects. Her teachers at school have predicted A grades in all subjects. She states that “the tuition has helped me by giving me practice papers and going over the topics I couldn’t do properly.”

Paniz Juwandoan (Year 11) - She came to us for Science. She was also getting D’s and E’s. By studying the topics she found difficult, she is now predicted a C on the foundation paper. She comments that “I am more confident in Science and feel I can do all of my Science exams that are left with ease.”

Minal Shah (Year 11) - She studied English, Maths and Science. She was weak in Physics and her mock result was a C. She is now working at grade A/B. She comments that “my Science tutor has helped me by teaching me the topics I did not understand at school…” In Maths she was a grade C, now she is aiming for a B. Her grade in English was a C and because of the extra notes and exam practice she received, she is now predicted an A.

Alina Sepeleva (Year 7) - She came to us for 2 hours a week for Maths and English. She has improved from getting 66% in Maths tests to 80%. She has become more confident in her English. She feels that the tutors helped her with the topics that she needed to work on and finds her school work easier.

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